The Book of Daniel from the Holy Bible (KJV)
The Book of Daniel

(Chapter 2:38)

* The Kingdom of Babylon is represented by gold in the statue

* The 2nd Kingdom is represented as being inferior to Babylon

* The 3rd Kingdom of Brass is represented as ruling over the whole earth

* The 4th Kingdom is represented as being strong as iron and eventually breaks into pieces
(The feet and toes of the Kingdom are a mixture of clay and iron = Kingdom shall be divided and shall be partly strong and partly broken)

The Book of Daniel

(Chapter 2)

* The Lord is with Daniel and he is blessed and was appointed to be a ruler in Babylon and given gifts

The Book of Daniel

(Chapter 4)

* Sometimes it takes being humbled to come to the Lord (King Nebuchadnezar lost his kingdom and power and he ended up blessing the most high Lord)

The Book of Daniel

(Chapter 7)

* The 4th kingdom (4th beast) shall devour the whole earth and shall tread it down and break it in pieces
(Ten kings will arise in this kingdom / Another king {the anti-christ} shall arise after them and shall subdue three kings)